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This tool allows you to find the areas for given postcodes or Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs). You may provide single postcodes or UPRNs and get the results here, or upload a Comma Separated Values (CSV) spreadsheet with postcodes or UPRNs and get the results emailed to you.

First let us know which types of areas you are interested in

You may select multiple area types

Select one or more area types to be included in the output. All official and user-defined area types published in Natural neighbourhoods are supported.

Then either enter a single postcode or UPRN

Enter a UK postcode with or without a space separating the incode and outcode, or enter a UPRN.
Please select at least one area type and enter a postcode or UPRN

or provide a file with many

The results will be emailed to . The file must contain a header row and the headers must include postcode and/or UPRN (not case-sensitive). If a row has both a postcode and a UPRN, the UPRN will be used. If the file is over 10,000 rows long then only the first 10,000 rows will be processed and returned.

The file must be in CSV format and include a column with the header postcode and/or the header UPRN.
Please select at least one area type and a file

You must to use the file upload functionality. This is so we know we have a validated email address to which we can send the results.

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